When did you begin to like tennis?

@my1341 (460)
March 13, 2009 11:11pm CST
For me, I knew tennis and began to like it when I watched a Roger Federer's match for the first time. That was three years ago from now. To tell the truth, I quite appreciated Roger's gentle personality and excellet tennis skills.I like tennis just becuase of him. He has now become my favourite player. His playing is so pleasing to enjoy and I began to pay attention the annual tennis schedule from then. I hope him to stay healthy and bring us many wonderful tennis matches in the future. Though he was not in good condition last year and lost many significant championships, I believe he will soon come back and regain his commanding power. So,guys, when did you being to like tennis?
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• Philippines
17 Mar 09
I began liking tennis as a sport when I was able to watch that classic Sampras and Agassi match. I am not really sure if that was a major or a grandslam event. It was just amazing how the two players played out. There were long rallies and you can't just predict how the match would end. The two players were able to display how good tennis is as a sport. The displays of shots are just amazing which would hold your breath until the end of the rally. Until now, I continue to watch the sport even at early in the morning for live telecasts.
@my1341 (460)
• China
17 Mar 09
Sorry to say that I didn't have any interest in tennis when Sampras and Agassi played out so many wonderful matches. But now I have learned that they are both great players and have become the idols of many people. Now, Roger is my favourite sport star and I always pay much attention to his match schedule, very often watch his games early in the morning just like you.
• India
1 Feb 10
i played it at 7-8, so i had a liking as a kid. i still enjoy it the same way.
@Jellytang (698)
• China
14 Mar 09
When I was ten years old,I saw many matchs in TV,and those were so exciting!And my whole family members liked it very much.So I often play tennis with them.