What are your parameters of an enjoyable life? or how do you want to spend life

March 14, 2009 1:16am CST
so that in the end,you can say "I ENJOY LIFE!!!" i thought,we would all have different answers but i'm just curious of how you perceive an enjoyable life.when you comment,can you also indicate your marital status,location or anything that will let us understand why you have that answer? thanks for sharing! Here is mine: An enjoyable life for me is a one where i have true friends to walk with. i am 33 and married,from the philippines, and i'd like to have other people other than my husband and kids to share life with. I would also like financial stability that allows us to buy a 3 (to 5) bedroom unit and maid's quarters, and also a garage to use for a vehicle (one that can hold 10-14 people). i also want to give a pay to our maids that will enable them to send money to their families without depriving themselves with their needs and some wants. I would like to support my parents financially as they are no longer working and home for the aged is not the thing in our country. their only means of supporting themselves right now. i also am hoping for a girl in the family. i picture enjoyable life to be a life of service.service by using my love and interest in singing, and my other skills. I want to do this with my family. i would like to be actively involved in charities and alleviating the lives of the poor. I would like to be actively involved in doing something so that poor people (in our country first) will no longer be poor. it would also mean a life lived with God. in a growing personal relationship with Him and having this relationship make a difference in the lives of the people that i meet everyday and those that He brings my way. i also want to be able to travel (with family of course, and loved ones at times) and visit nice places all over the world,probably twice a year,but i must not miss on the scenic spots in my country. this also means that i and my husband have work and source of income that will enable us to do all these. I also think that a life lived in peace is also an enjoyable life. how about you? what do you have on your list?
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