have you ever...

United States
March 14, 2009 4:03am CST
have you ever posted a discussion and thought "wow this is going to be an amazing enjoyable discussion" but then barely anybody responds? lol I hate when it happens to me, but I was wondering if anyone else has ever been in that position as well or if its just me failing at mylot lol
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@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
14 Mar 09
lol!! I just did the other day actually. I posted a story telling thread about JUAN TAMAD and until now it's still 0 response. I figured: 1. Nobody here knows/ever heard about juan tamad 2. I posted it under the wrong topic.. I'm thinking of moving it under 'philippines' but it was to long, i do not have the license to copypaste yet, and i don't have the energy retyping all that again. 3. People don't respond to posts that are a bit long, neither do most want to spend too much time responding on a post. 4. the best way to get a discussion going at mylot is to post one-liners or better yet funny one-liners!! lol!!
• United States
14 Mar 09
I'll be completely honest I dont know about juan tamad either lol, I also have no knowledge about the phillipines either so you wouldnt have gotten a very intellegent response from me, but I'm glad to know hiccup and I arent the only two in this boat. My first few posts werent even under a topic so I barely got any responses on those either. I totally agree people dont want to read long topics because it will take them longer to make money. I only differ on you on number 4 I think the best way to get a good discussion going is to have just a solid large ring of friends that will comment on eachothers discussions so more people will look and say "wow theres alot of responses there, it must be a good discussion). lol but thats just what I think.
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
14 Mar 09
You are not alone in your agony. There are a lot of us here and you'll see a lot of discussion like this, contemplating what went wrong. In my part there's a lot also that don't gather enough response that I would say it is better yet I don't give much attention of it already since I cannot force someone to do it for me. I just make it up in responding and hoping to catch some BR's in the way. At this time, I am satisfied with the number of BR's I got from my responses.