father daughter relationship

March 14, 2009 5:22am CST
i have a friend in the same faith..this friend of mine is my manager..he was a father of four kids..three girls and one boy...all those three girls are already grown up the eldest is 17 years old, the second kid is 14 year old the third kid is 11 year old..and not so much intimate with the son...this father as i observed always kisses his daughter on the lips..and when he kisses it took him for so long not only kisses but only hugging too even in the public..he don't kiss in the check that much...he likes lips..theys seems to be couple and not father and daughter because his daughter are already a lady...for them it's nothing..i don't want to see them acting like that..and there are times that they are playing with saliva...it is with the eldest most of the time..what can you say about this..
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