Should I forget her?

March 14, 2009 10:37am CST
I am 26/m. It all started when I was surfing the internet and I found a personal ad of a girl from country A (Lets say A instead of the name of that location). It was November 2007 and when I send her an email showing my interest, she replied the day after and asked for a photograph of me. I send it to her and again the next day she said that I am truly lovely and she wants me more than anyone else and we should find a way to meet. I explained to her that because I live in country B and I can not go to A without a Visa, she should wait till I find a way. The best way was that I applied to a university in that city and got the admission and finally I will be going there in 3 months to get my MSc degree (because it is one of the top universities in the world) and of course to meet her too. I have met many girls in past years but none of them were as lovely, cute and respectful as her. Last months of 2007 and January 2008 was very good because we were online for eachother talking and texting about many things. Then slowly things got worse and worse. I saw her communication with her 300 facebook friends, all MALES. Honestly some of the messages between them still hurts me and makes me jeolous. Then in summer and fall 2008, she disappeared and even blocked her email without telling me what happened! I was worried for months and when I tried to send her an email after all that time, she replied and said that she was involved with a another boy and the boy left her for some reason after 4 months. She said she was devastated and was thinking that she has lost me as well. Well I dont know what you do in such a situation if you loved her with all your heart... Anyways, she said that she will wait for me till I arrive and we started sending emails again. A few days ago I tried to send her an email saying that I can not be there now because the visa was readly with delay and I can be there with one university semester delay, next 3/4 months but I found that her email is blocked again! Now I am the one who is devastated because it seems she is seeing someone and maybe I never find her again... What should I do, forget her or have faith that there is some other reason??
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@pricelis (86)
• United States
14 Mar 09
Online relationships can be very painful at times, they also don't make up for real time with a person. As difficult as it may seem, you should probably try to move on and hope to meet someone that you can actually spend time with in person. Typing is not a replacement for affection, when you are someone thats looking for the real thing. Its hard enough to see everyone around you spending time with their lovers and you go home to type to yours. Not much fun, and it shouldn't be acceptable, you are short changing yourself and time is going by.