United States
March 14, 2009 12:21pm CST
I'm 24 years old and have been diagnosed with depression and high anxiety.I don't believe in pharmaceuticals because there are man made and have very serious side effects.Cannabis?no side effects accept the effects of your sickness when not smoking cannabis.There are million's of people who smoke cannabis as a medicine and recreational.The whole 24 years of my life I have never heard of someone dying of overdose or accidents caused by cannabis.The majority of the people who are against cannabis is because it's illegal and they don't want to support something that is illegal.YEAH so what!it's harmless and does the world some good by helping others coop with their illness. HELP THE CAUSE!!!! re-introducing the H.R.5843 in the 11th congress!this is a fed bill that will allow responsible adults to use cannabis as well as medical use also.these type of bills need a lot of support and a lot of push.the more donations and supporters,the better.Help make a stand.If the bill gets passed,responsible adults and such will no longer face arrest,possession or paraphernalia charges,not even a civil fine.Now that is freedom.if the bill passes persons who are responsible will be allowed up to 100grams(3 1/2oz).there are already 13 states in the united states that have decriminalized cannabis.locking people up for so many months in jail at that is just non-sense.It's a natural plant that helps cancer patients,helps severe pain,people who have eating disorders,depression,anxiety,cancer in your eyes(glaucoma),people who have sleeping disorders also and there are much more.if interested on making a difference and help this cause,send me a comment of message me and i'll be glad to send you the link. thanks everybody for your support.
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