Laptop or Destop

laptop - Which you like more laptop or destop.
March 15, 2009 2:37am CST
Which you like more?Laptop or Destop.I am using computer since 1995.I have use windows 95 to vista.I have never thought that computer will be so cheaper in the mean time.Now a days laptop are available in a reasonable price.But i am not so much interested about laptop because laptop is used for a portable device such as mobile.And i think if i have a windows mobile and a destop pc than i can fill the lag of a laptop.And the second option is i use to play more games in my computer.I think in laptop its not possible to play games for three or four hours. Than what you like destop or laptop.
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@duochao (82)
• China
15 Mar 09
the key point that laptop is more convenient than destop,isnt it?i used to use destop and its fit to use 3d max or maya or something else software,but for laptop,if you want to use a big and complex design,you ll feel what the horrible slowing is ,it is not good at on this way very much.i just think they are different and they have their own advantages each other.
@agmamayo (804)
• Philippines
15 Mar 09
Hello Shovon, definitely computer prices have been much cheaper these days. More and more people are using computers nowadays. I have a desktop computer, just bought it about a year ago,and using it till now, and never had a major problem yet so far, hopefully none will come. I had the option of buying either laptop or desktop before however i prompted to get desktop because I like to use computers for a long period of time, toughness comes first for me meaning desktops can withstand long hours of operation because it is well ventilated and more space inside to dissipate heat created by long hours of using it. If you also have a plan to upgrade you can do so, much easier to connect part you like to add, like an added RAM a new powerful videocard and others. As compared to a laptop, they are designed for people on the go, meaning it should be compact and lightweight. yes there are now new designs of laptop made to answer heating problems but still you can't really be sure if you operate it long enough. Happy mylotting.
@highhead (80)
• India
15 Mar 09
in special cases i prefer desktop and other i prefer laptop i have also used win 95 to vista in my stating stage i had harddisk below 1gb i had to upgrade ram and hard disk to install xp.I recomend laptops fro professionals and desktops for students