Breasts&Being Perfect; what do you say

March 15, 2009 5:54am CST
When I was a teenage, finding my breasts starting changing a little, I was so shy to look at or even mention the word. So sensitive about anything concerned. Then someday the little girl began to be an adult in mentality, just find herself so innocent that time and a bit ridiculous. Since all girls have the parts and should be proud, for the breast adds sexy and beautiful flavor to girls. and It's also the joke that these three years, I find their size reduced. I'm a little upset at this. Why? that's because I'm thinner or because the unbalanced hormone level?... I don't know. I decided to enlarge my breasts when I earned enough money to be a more perfect girl. That'll give my more energy and confidence. hehe...but till now I haven't decided the way, medicine or operation?? I'm more biased to a kinda healthy medicine. Hoping I can make it. What do you think of breasts and the size, my friend? Have a nice day~~
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