Should I leave my current thesis group?

March 15, 2009 7:49am CST
Okay. We were originally six in the group. The coordinator decided that six is too many when we were already done in the thesis defense stage. Great. He ordered us to take out two members.. and those two members were my friends. I am closer to the two who were taken out than to the remaining three. They can be bossy and stuff. Anyway. My friends who got taken out are offering me a spot in their group. I am so tempted to leave my current group. This would mean starting a new proposal for research and have to get this done by two weeks.. which is really fast. Should I stay, to play safe? And just act okay with the remaining members? Should I leave and join my friends, suffer for two weeks with them to cram for a proposal? In these two situations, I consider myself. First choice entails safety and security since the proposal was approved while the other one, I get to work with people I'm close to. What do you guys think?
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• India
16 Mar 09
There are two things that you must take into consideration when deciding where to be. [B] the group cohesiveness [/B]and On group cohesiveness you have already said that you are close to the two that were taken out and who have gone form the splinter group. So, if you join them, you would be enthused to work. [B] the subject of research[/B]. The next thing that you need to consider is the subject they have been suggested/chosen by themselves to research on. Do you like it? However good the company, if you do not like the subject of research you may not be able to complete the task in time because you will always be short of energy. This lack of interest will lead to procrastination. The third think you can consider is would you be offending the others by leaving the group. Are you one of their preferred members? Then you will have lost your friends for ever. If it does not matter to you, then you can leave this group. You have also said that they are bossy. Are you by any chance the underdog in this group? As for doing something within 2 weeks is concerned: That does not matter if you plan well and burn some midnight oil. Hope I have answered all the important questions you have posed. Please respond to this post and we can have a meaningful dialog.
• Philippines
17 Mar 09
I think I will work well with the new group and I am interested in the new group's topic.