more money less merchandise

@pudgles (414)
United States
March 15, 2009 9:13am CST
Did you notice all the prices are going up drastically yet, the contents of the items are going down? Like a 100 paper plates use to cost 1.00. now you get 50 for 1.50. or dish liquid that use to be 1.00 is now 1.79 and isnt even full all the way. Prices going up I can understand, but if they are going to cut the contents as well, they should just leave it at its regulur price. You get burnt both ways,,they make a huge profit both ways, thats not right. It seems noone is thinking about us consumers, just their pockets...I am a small business owner and sell items similar to others, they chanrge 34.99 and up and I charge 9.99 for the same item,,,,I am for the consumers and i know we as a consumer and business need to be satisfied, but if you are greedy, in which case, i think alot are, then you will not get far, its like a yard sale, if you sell your items at a high price and the guy next door a low price, who do you think will get rid of their items first? who will have more customers? Who do you think will be stuck with their items? My point exactly, so why are they doing both, cutting the contents and the raising the price? why can't they just do one or the other? An elder woman wanted me to ask this question, for they are the ones hurting the most not to mention the poverty ones.
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