What about Valkyrie?

@rashmie (948)
United Arab Emirates
March 16, 2009 12:16am CST
Valkyrie tells a story worth knowing about and as a purely popcorn thriller,it perhaps even succeeds, but its greatest weakness s much the same as the original "Valkyrie" plot - a lack of definitive direction and intensity. Do you agree? In spite of stunning performance by Tom Cruise it fails to thrill the audience. However, since it deals with a plot to kill Hitler, which a few people know, it is worth watching.
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• India
16 Mar 09
I didn't enjoy the movie , and i particularly felt Tom Cruise bummed me out . The movie had a brilliant cast with the entire cast doing extremely well with their accent/dialect/languages except for Cruise who was a total misfit . I know he is a good actor , and has done some fantastic movies over the last two decades . But Valkyrie is just an ordinary movie . I would give it 6/10
@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
16 Mar 09
I have watched Valkyrie yesterday. You are right, the movie lacks direction especially on the later part. The movie was also kind of predictable in a sense that it showed the plan in details therefore it is bound to be doomed. Regardless, the movie is worth watching alright. Tom Cruise's supporting casts made a commendable job.