Length of post important?

@abhaijith (2962)
March 16, 2009 3:21am CST
Hello friends, here we start discussions and responds to the discussions to increase our posts. Here,is the length of the posts important?how important is it?
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@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
16 Mar 09
Lenght of post is important because it determines how much you participate in discussions and participation is the major way to earn. If you keep posting short posts, chances are you will not be paid for it or will be paid less than if you posts longer. I think the standard long post here is about four to five lines but the more line, the better. The better pay you can get. Of course posting long does not mean you have to compromise quality. Remember that you are told to be more descriptive and post as detailed as possible.
@subhakars (934)
• India
16 Mar 09
Yes, length of the response counts. it is not just length but the quality of the post. if you just type 2 lines, there is nothing much stuff in that. when you read the discussion and respond to it genuinely then you will definitely end up with more lines. Initially I was trying to respond to more discussions so I used to respond in 2-3 lines but when I checked my earnings, total posts I have made are not equal to the amount I earned. So I started posting quality posts.. Now my earnings have increased more than my number of posts... So make some quality posts to earn more..All the best.. Happy mylotting...
@limbo9uu (134)
• China
16 Mar 09
i think the respond just like talking .we don't need to say so long.Good expresstion is enough .