a story about love (touching)

March 16, 2009 6:18am CST
this is to see me once a story is very touching, so posted here to share with everyone. him and her back-to -back start to move forward, they said good when they reached the 100th time and then step back, if able to see each other, they forget all the previous unhappy, start all over gaain. if you do not see each other,it has been down, never look bacl! when she take the first step, there is a sad thing called diffuse over the bottom of my heart, think of him, she said:we love thw way only 99-step,how do we xome to this step,today? once upon a time ,with our walk in the rain, clthes wet not feel cold,once upon a time ,call us at snow in the heat to eat ice cream, when the people voted to look amazing, we even laghed. she has gone through 20,him?very miss her look back at him and see him and her like are not very difficult? she want to say to him: do you still remenber me ?learn computer you taught me when i said,programming will encounter a situation called the "circle die" got on the get ,you say you love is to doe for my cycle,i was touched. she walked the pot when there is a sale of the old man to ask her not to sweet potato,and she shook her head, he would push the car son away,why did he not many and i say a few words? sa i can stay a while,not to go again. already at 80-step behind her ,she want to "does he also want us in the preceding days unhappy? why should we give a little bit petty and quarrel every day? sha was always at him to cry,then he was such as ma ,orritability ,then ,they have no reasin to hurt each other say some words. finally one day he told her :er should not to go on like this ,or else they will be tortured die, separated from it! a 99-step. she looked up with difficultym heavy legs, has been reluctant to put down, shes afraid to lay down their legs, the back can no longer see him, shes afraid to lay down their legs, the back will never lose him, shes afraid to lay down their feet,he then no longer happy to speak of , she s afraid....feet....finaly a down, tears also shun cheek and the next, she did not want to go back, not back,she unable to cimtrol thenselves, squat body cried together. suddenly, a pair of ;age hands held her shoulders, her back,saw him and saw him full of deep remorse and deep love for rhe eyes. at him arms, cried and said: i had not to go down! she put him firmly hold, gently stroked her hair. forever you will not ket a person go. in fact ,i have been walking in behind you ,have been waiting for you back"
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