wat do u think abt this financial crisis???

@ancy114 (102)
March 16, 2009 9:09am CST
hi frends !!this s something to think....this 2009 has become a very tough yr for ppl who are searching for risk...many companys are under recession ..n due to tat many enployees lost their jobs...s this financial crisis s the only reason for unemployment or s ther any other reason for this..if so plz voice it out...n also do our world face anyother pblm coz of this financial crisis??
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@hmkoct5 (2067)
• United States
23 Apr 09
It is such a scary time. I can't believe how many people are losing their jobs. My husbands job is in jeopardy right now. We are so scared. I don't have a job and if he loses his job, I don't know how we will survive. I think that this financial crisis affects every area of our lives. I heard on the news the other night that people are not going to the doctor because they can't afford the bills, even if they have insurance. This means that more people will get sick and possibly die from diseases they could have received treatment from. I am really worried for everybody.
2 Apr 09
I don't think George Bush is an idiot, if he was he wouldn't have gotten president. But he started an outbreak with his "fake nuclear bomb" threat. He said that we should go to war because another country had something they didn't. By doing that, they have shut down trades with America and he has destroyed America's reputation with it's allies. When they stopped trading oil to America, the price skyrocketed due to lack of supply. A lot of Americans just stopped buying or bought less gas/oil lowering the income of sellers of gas/oil. If prices would have rose immediately to a high put price it would evened out as more money but less buyer = balance in income. But instead the prices slowly rose and a lot of people wouldn't pay the lower price and even less pay now. Without people paying the for gas, theirs not enough money to pay worker more, so some got laid off. This means less product for Americans and trade with other countries. Without trade with other countries our currency is dropping in value. When we do trade we have to pay more because our currency isn't worth as much forcing America to get loans from other countries. I also think that we, Americans, are stupid as a whole. The only time America had no debt was when the Clintons were in office. So why did they not put them back in office. Instead of trying to vote the right person in they voted a person that they wanted. Education is at its lowest point in America these days and people thought it would be cooler to have a black president that doesn't help over a woman president that has proven she can make a positive difference.
@jsilver09 (117)
• United States
16 Mar 09
Hi there mylotters- Just last night I was doing some research, on my university website reviewing article for their content of critical speach.. So, I was reading a short article on Homelessness.. this journalist is going off blaming these circumstances on the economy, and the things you mention: Lost Jobs, the down stock market... yeah yeah yeah.. Then she continues to pick on the places where these people live.. Stating it was Hoover who started this problem! Geezz... Whoooeeo.. I think that this is one sign something is seriously wrong America, when people go out to the downtwon areas and live in tents.. People who had just lost a mortage is not who I see doing this! But, on that I see this as a sign of times to mean we all need education and the abillities to be in demand for the response of others care.. There are fields that are never seeing a recesion...