When is the last time you had watermelon?

United States
March 16, 2009 9:16am CST
Everytime I leave I see this old man selling fruits and veggies out of his truck and so yesterday I finally decided I would stop and see what all he had. I ended up getting some tomatoes and a watermelon. It was seedless and about the size and shape of a basketball. I had to buy it because it sounded good and I knew the kids would like it. I brought it home and cut it up and we each had some. It was really good. But as much as we all love watermelon here I find myself only buying it during summertime. I think the last one I bought was last summer. Anyone else buy a watermelon lately? Do you find that you buy them more or only during summer? Do you like the seeded or seedless? I like the seedless but I have a son who likes to plant seeds, all kids, so sometimes I get that kind.
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@Philbo (579)
• Canada
27 May 09
Last time was last summer. I look forward to watermelon season again this year. It is easily my favorite vegetable. It is not a fruit as many suppose.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
4 Apr 09
10 days before i have eaten ,watermelon. 2,3 days i have eaten one big watermelon .one day i have made juice with it ,as we have more to store and eat. if seeds are there ,i will remove seeds and eat it ,or make juice with it.seedless or with seed ,anyone i take,no problem with seeds also. if available i can eat watermelon in any season.
• Philippines
30 Mar 09
one year ago, one of my co-staff brought some water melon and we ate. was very delicious. i miss it very much!
• United States
16 Mar 09
It has been a while. I am actually craving a watermelon. Being pregnant that probably is no big surprise. I love watermelon. It is one of my favorites. I saw some small ones in the store the other day. I think watermelon is served best chilled in the summer. I am going to wait for some bigger watermelons to come out before I buy any.
@reploid (1331)
• France
16 Mar 09
About one week ago. I enjoy eating a piece of watermelon from time to time.
@mikhatri (120)
• India
16 Mar 09
i buy it almost 3rice a week, and i bring it almost in all seasons, but in summer the frequecy is increased, every body at home likes to eat watermelon...v prefer bot with seed and seedless, but seedless is good....:)