Were you an ideal student?

@Informer (803)
March 16, 2009 9:26am CST
We all have studied and still studying, whether professionally or academically. I was a just a gud student in my school time. I was behind most of the naughty things happend in my class but never caught. But few people took me as an ideal student and also awarded by the school. So how you were? Were you an ideal student realy or lik me?
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@Archie0 (4669)
16 Mar 09
Hehehehe well i think i am like you i am never a sincere student in class i am always in a mood to be funny what is the use of being serious and grumpy in class as far as you are coming out with flying colours we are going to get ample of time in our old age to be serious and grumpy, but we wont ever get a chance to be funny and to be like a student ever in our lives so i am doing what a student should be doing . lol it is life and it is fun till it is not out of limit and i do have them happy mylotting dear
@royal52gens (5380)
• United States
16 Mar 09
In high school, I was not good academically. I had a hard time getting good grades. There was a lot going on and I was easily distracted. When I went to college, I was more focused and I did much better. I received many awards and received very good grades. I also felt better about myself when in college. There were students who did better than me. I wasn't the best but I did well for me.