who plays ikariam?

March 16, 2009 10:28am CST
its actually ikariam.org... in philippines, its ikariam.ph, my bf introduce this game to me, its so fun to play ... its based on old ways and you get to create your own town and level-up each place like the university, military, etc. and buy workers, ships, soldiers, etc. at first, it really hard to understand but after a couple of days of practice you'll know how to play it. its more of using critical thinking... its so much fun! try it! =)
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• Philippines
26 Apr 09
oh! currently im registered in ikariam.org, i didnt know there was a .ph, maybe ill try creating an account there, may i know which server your on?
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
i have an account in ikariam.. bu the problem in ikariam.ph is the moderator aka supergenius.. he is bias in some player.. but the management tolerate this..
@csabiCZ (194)
• Romania
2 Dec 10
Hi shadowcat_018 I play it to since a year.It's very fun especially your cities become larger and you can have big armies.You can form alliances with you friends or anyone else or join to a big well known one.It's a good strategy game. Have a nice day
• Philippines
20 Aug 10
I know, it's so much fun! I've been playing this game for almost 2 years, in fact. It's just nice to play a game that has like historical background. In this online war game, the Greek and Roman economy, military, culture and politics are introduced. You can even form alliances with other players so that you'll have somebody to depend on in times of war. It's a game that enhances one's strategy!
• Hong Kong
18 Mar 10
It's fun at first. Though after some weeks, you'll need to master combats in order to get the most fun out of this game. Get into an alliance,and create an army that will pwn the world!
• Albania
24 Dec 09
i play ikariam too. its a good game. i like it.
@currykai (427)
• Malaysia
21 Jun 09
I play it too! Is very addictive as the building and upgrades might take hours when you are higher level. So sometimes I keep the page loading while I continue my work etc. Then once in awhile I will log in again to see my update and points. Is as addictive as facebook for me!