what is the best way to earn?????

@parthu28 (498)
March 16, 2009 11:43am CST
i have been on mylot for about a month now.i initially earned real slow but now it is slowly increasing.........can anyone help me as to how can i earn around a dollar per day????????? i have earned to maximum of .30$ till now................how can i increase it to around a $ a day?????? are there anyways of earning better????????? i really want to earn some more.........
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• United States
16 Mar 09
Mylot is a gret place to earn some extra income. Ways to earn here on mylot is to stay active for a couple hours a day. Respond to as many discussions as you can. Start new discussions people will like to respond to so your earnings will go up. Always write responses of at least 5 lines or longer, so that you can gain extra earnings that way also. If you can put pictures in your discussins that would bring your earnings level up also. Try to respond to as many discussions as you can to make your earnings go up. I believe i had made around 64 cents in one day and here that is alot so i hope you can make payout for the next months pay. Enjoy Mylotting
@zahfran (851)
• Singapore
16 Mar 09
hello, I used to post this question too. And someone gave me a really great answer. Just get 100 referrals. Cuz for every one active referral, you get one cents. Add that up. And it'll be one dollar per day. Hope this helps.. :)
@aprilsue00 (1992)
• United States
16 Mar 09
I know that it is very hard to earn a dollar a day on here. I think that you would have to do over a hundred posts. As far as I know the more you post the more you get paeid. The most I have ever made was one penny per post.