Intellegent Design vs. Science

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March 16, 2009 3:53pm CST
Is the belief in God mutually exclusive of believing in science? Or can one believe in god yet believe in science, namely that humankind evolved and not made from clay by a mystical being?What's your thoughts?
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@besthope44 (12145)
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1 Jun 10
Well everything is science and every act as a meaningful reason than to believe somthing imagination. Nature and science is the real god.
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30 Aug 09
not just science - a four month fetus still in the womb
I think what your hitting on goes to the appointment by Obama of Francis Collins as director of the National Institutes of Health. Collin's believes the same in which you are describing that the early teachings about God coincide with what scientist have found to be true about evolution themselves and they are one in the same, problem is, that those who believe in this theory known as Theistic evolution aka "Christian Darwinism" or Francis Collin's self-proclaimed term "BioLogos" which sounds nothing more than a patent name to me (oh yea, it IS, its called Patent stacking!!). He did found his own faith-based organization after the name--it's like the religion of Star Trek The Bible does declare "Ye are Gods" but my problem is why does scientist insist that reaching God is something that is so complicated and only the scientific community can lead us to? And that brings up a good point. Francis Collins, was the mastermind behind the patenting of the Genome--that in itself should be cause for some concern. Do you understand that if a genome has a patent that their is fees that go along with that?? This Collin's is a evangelical, so he calls himself but he's turning the wisdom of God into a market share! These patents hike up the cost of doing real legitimate research (such as CANCER) and in some cases limits what can be done because of sketchy PATENTS which in most cases not even clearly be defined--how can you--their microorganism. Have you heard the nightmare of Monsanto and their genetically altered crop seeds flying into non-GMO fields and the harassment these innocent people had to go through because of their dumb PATENTS--sickening! “Unless the moral insight and the spiritual attainment of mankind are proportionately augmented, the unlimited advancement of a purely materialistic culture may eventually become a menace to civilization. A purely materialistic science harbors within itself the potential seed of the destruction of all scientific striving, for this very attitude presages the ultimate collapse of a civilization which has abandoned its sense of moral values and has repudiated its spiritual goal of attainment.” Urantia Book (12:9.5) June 26, 2000, President Clinton in a press conference declared: “Today, we are learning the language in which God created life; we are gaining ever more awe for the complexity, the beauty, the wonder of God’s most divine and sacred gift.” Upon ending his speech he reasoned: “As we consider how to use new discoveries, we must also not retreat from our oldest and most cherished human values.” -- “All of us are created equal, entitled to equal treatment under the law.” Yea, Francis Collins claims he is a evangelical (which is not reassuring either) but what about all the OTHER scientist who believe the whole topic over the word GOD is complete hogwash and are now going to be given billions of dollars, thanks to Bill Clinton and Francis Collins and their entourage (Ezekial Emanuel??)--they have the keys to play God and your going to tell them about Values--hello, they don't believe in values!! Scientific materialist do not believe that human beings should be given special status and we are fundamentally no different from a fruit fly--so yes, there's room for correction, m-u-c-h room
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16 Mar 09
The way I see it is this: when God set in motion the creation of the universe, many mysteries were created as well. Science is the tool God gave us to solve those mysteries. I believe in evolution. I believe God set evolution in motion, and that the evolution of the species is all part of His plan. Just because we can now explain miracles, it doesn't mean they aren't miraculous. Isn't the very existence of evolution, that we have been developed down to the tiniest genetic coding to be able to adapt and change as our environment changes a miraculous thing itself? Isn't chemistry miraculous? Isn't space travel? God gave mankind the gift to be able to discover these things. Science isn't outside of God's realm or God's design. Science is a part of it.