Finally Letting Go!!!

United States
March 16, 2009 9:42pm CST here's the story, on christmas i lost my grandma and i watched it happen, exactly two months later i lost my cousin, and now my mom and my grandpa have threatened to kill theirselves!!Well im getting a lot better i had these stages where i just got really depressed and i did not think anything would help....well my boyfriend alex has been with me through everything...he was there the night i watched my gma die...he helps so much i love him more than anything...well friday he had a talk with me and he said that im trying to hold to much stuff in and that its ok to let things go...he said i needed to stop.slow down. and breathe. he said i needed to let everything go and just clear my head...well i have finally gotten better for the most part and im just glad to have someone in my life that cares about me so much!!! ily alex!! leave comments if u want!!
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