March 16, 2009 10:10pm CST
Which day you worship? how does the BIBLE say about the SABBATH day in which we should keep as a holy day? what dou you think? Happy Sabath DAy!!!!
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@ronharold (555)
• Philippines
17 Mar 09
I worship everyday. In the bible, according to the Old testament, the sabbath is saturday but in the new testament, the disciple meets every first day of the week that means it sunday.
• Philippines
18 Mar 09
@Beenice (237)
• Canada
26 May 09
If you worship everyday what do you mean about that? I never saw that the disciples were meting every sunday. I think you made it up.A lot of people argue about what is written in the Bible and interpret it there own way. The Old and the New Testament apply as much today as it was in the old days.
• United States
19 Mar 09
Okay, here we go! I have done both in several different modes. I grew up with Sunday worship. I then switched to Sabbath(Saturday) worship. Now I do whatever. Here's what works for me. Saturday is my butt day. That's how I term it to family and friends in case they think I'm available to work. If I HAVE to work, I work but I try to avoid it like the plague because I need a day to rest. That means relaxing. That means resting. It does not mean dressing up every week and running from morning to night at church services, activities, etc. If I feel led by God to do an activity or to bless someone, I do, as with any day. If I feel like a day in prayer or Bible study or just an uplifting movie or time with the family playing cards, I do it. The scripture in the Old Testament says that we should rest. The rest is up to us. Here's a novel idea. I let God lead me in it. You never know where He will take you but it is always fun. Because most churches meet on Sunday, I will sometimes worship on a Sunday. Depends on the church and event. Isn't it interesting that the pagans always worshiped the Sun on Sunday. Isn't it interesting that Christianity turned to Sunday worship after Constantine mixed Christianity with Pagan practices and anyone observing the seventh day sabbath (Saturday) was considered a heretic. Hmmmmm. I am glad that many of us have the freedom to make a choice but I usually do not bring this subject up to most Christians because it makes them so irrate. I think the bottom line is that we worship God everyday. That we love one another and that we love God with all our being. God bless you all no matter which day you observe. I have shared what works for me. I encourage you to ask God what He wants you to do and then humbly have an open mind for His guidance. God bless you.
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
18 Mar 09
The word of God says that the Sabbath was made for man and not for the Sabbath. Well the don't know which day is the right day, I just want to go to fellowship because God words so that we are not suppose to forsake the assemble. It is about our heart and our relationship with God. This is the way I look at it.
@urbandekay (18312)
17 Mar 09
A rose by any other name... it matters not all the best urban
@csrobins (1125)
• United States
17 Mar 09
The sabbath day is on saturday. it is told to te hjews when they were to pick a day to keep holy to keep teh sabbat day holy which was saturday. Now we ar eto pick a day that is holy-anyday as our "sabbath" and culturally sunday is the new sabbath for most. Although I don't think most people really keep it holy. It is not about going to church as much as it is about the condition of your heart towards God and worshipping him. The ten commandments are still relevent of course, but the sabbath does not have to be on saturday, that was a culturally relevent law. Now it is relevent for Christians to keep the sabbath, whether it is saturday or sunday or any other day they choose to set aside for God.