Have you ever been in a car accident?

United States
November 10, 2006 12:56pm CST
I was the person in front of me stopped fast and I couldn't stop in time.
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@jmintuck (114)
• Canada
10 Nov 06
I havent been the one Directly involved in a car accident, but I was with my mum when we went to cross a street and a car flew right into the front of our car as we were crossing and hit the front of the car conking out the engine. They say, had the car been a couple feet further down the car ,I wouldn,t be here writing this. I,d be with the Creator now.
• Romania
10 Nov 06
Well I have been in a car accident, but somebody else was driving the car. I have my luck and it didn`t happen anything. Iwas safe and sound.
• United States
14 Nov 06
I have been in several accidents. I was in an accident when I was twelve. I used to get rides to school with another friend. We were at a light waiting to turn, and a police officer ran a light (no sirens or anything) and caused an accident. I had to go to chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists for a long time. Your neck has a natural curavature... and this accident straightened mine, as well as giving me severe whiplash. The next major accident happened when I was fourteen. My mom was taking me to voice lessons and a county truck (a huge one) pulling a wood chipper ran a red light doing 60 mph. They slammed into us and the wood chipper swung around and rammed the side of our mini van. We got pushed into the lady in front of us, who got pushed into the lady in front of her. Our mini-van was totaled all around. My seat broke in half. We were pretty lucky to be alive. This accident gave me more whiplash, caused a disk to slip out, and my neck is now curved the opposite way of what it is supposed to be. I also got a lot of cuts and gashes. My mom had bad whiplash too. More therapy, doctors... money and time wasted. I've been in other little accidents... Two in the same intersection actually. The first time my brother was driving and it was raining. The people in our lane suddenly decided they were going to turn, even though they weren't in a turn lane. They stopped suddenly and my brother couldn't stop in time because of the wet roads. We weren't driving very fast... but it caused a lot of damage to the cars. The next time in the same intersection We were stopped in the turn lane at the red light. The people in front of us started to go when the light turned green. My friend took his foot of the brake and hadn't even pressed the gas yet and the people stopped suddenly in front of us. He just barely tapped them. His Toyota didn't even have a scratch, but the other car was a newer Ford and it completely folded in on itself. We weren't even going 5 mph. And of course the other people jumped out of their car holding their necks. That made me so mad! Fakers! I was in another accident when I was sleeping. My boyfriend at the time got lost after being out at a night club all night. We ended up in a city over an hour from where we live. There was road work going on and the yellow reflectors hypnotized/lulled him to where he passed out for a minute. We hit the side wall and almost went over a ravine... but he was able to get control and pull away before going over. Luckily it was like 4 a.m. and there were no other cars on the road. My fiance was in one two years ago - thankfully I wasn't with him. I was at home peeved at him for being out with his cousin when I got home. I was afraid because we had recently had some wolf spiders in the house - and I am terrified of them. They were huge. So I'm sitting in the very center of my bed irritated - he had called me being an idiot... and wishing he would wreck. And he did. I know it's coincidence but it still creeps me out. He wrecked good too. He had only had the car for six months. Thankfully he bought Gap Coverage. When I got there his car was totaled. All the windows had shattered...the airbags had all gone off... and it was a stick shift and on impact his hand slipped off the shifter and hit the radio in as the front end was crumpling in. He hit so hard it knocked his dental bridge out. It was the other ladies fault - she just stopped in the middle of one of our busiest roads. The two ladies were whining about how their day was ruined. It pissed me off. Their SUV had a scratch on the bumper. My boyfriend is standing bloodied with his car totaled and they were complaining? I really dislike humans sometimes. Finally there are only two accidents where I was the driver. The first one was not a big deal... I hit a tree backing out of my friends place. The other one I was leaving my mom's one night and a drunk guy on a motorcycle ran the light and I was about to pull out of her street. He saw me, freaked out and ended up swerving into me. My car had a lot of damage... but wasn't totaled. His bike had minor damage. His roll bar saved his bike. He didn't fall off the bike and only had a scratch. He lied to the cop about drinking though... and failed the sobriety test. Bad! Bad! Hopefully I go the rest of my life without being in any more.
@thefox (670)
• Italy
11 Nov 06
I have been had an accident when I was 18 years old, they have bumped me in a curve, nothing serious so much fear has not happened only
@vicii3000 (774)
• Romania
10 Nov 06
no i didn't participate in no accident!!!
@ramz78 (465)
• Kuwait
10 Nov 06
@suzieque (2336)
• Canada
10 Nov 06
I was in a car accident when I was 11 years old and a couple of years ago. Both of them were not serious and nobody was hurt. Thank god.
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
10 Nov 06
well no I have been driving car for many days But lucky for me Nothing happened.
@rockbaby (808)
• Lebanon
10 Nov 06
yes many times,, but we never got hurt thank god. it was always the car that got it .. and it was never our fault.. either: we r in traffic and a guy couldnt handle the breaks and bang.. and once going down from the mountains and this guy was speeding over 150 km/hr he fliped with his car for around 5 times my dad had to speed over 120 justttttttt to avoid him ... luckily he didnt hit us.. but his car was to just throw away.. there was a safety balloon or something lol it opened in his face he didnt get hurt at all.. and another the trunk of the car.. we hit our heads to the seats infront of us(who ever was sitting in the bakc.. our car was also stuck in traffic) ITS ALWAYS WE R STUCK IN TRAFFIC AND ANOTHER GUY HIT US FROM THE BACK:s or they turn and turn and then hit us from the side.. either standing same place or just going normally.. WEIRDDDD