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March 17, 2009 12:44am CST
My husband and I just watched Religulous with Bill Mahr this past weekend. I love Bill's sense of humor, but I love his style of journalism as well. He isn't afraid to ask the direct questions and challenge people about their answers. I found that he was very respectful,even though several people were not quite as respectful with him. The biggest kick I got was when he interviewed a priest from the Vatican. I grew up Roman Catholic and honestly, have met many priests who had the very same views lol. He basically laughed and told Bill "That's all BS, no one believes that stuff anymore" lol. I was a bit, well disturbed is the best answer about the Jesus amusement park (can't recall the actual name). I mean, Jesus Christ Superstar is one thing, but this was just down right disturbing. And what was really disturbing was when every time the Roman soliders would beat Jesus this enthralled audience would clap and cheer, and yet when interviewed were talking about how this was their faith. I also found it interesting that three different religions share the same holy place, even though currently it is under Muslim control. Overall, I'd highly recommend this movie. How many have seen it? What were your views? Do you think Bill's final comments are true or hold a truth? Namaste-Anora
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