why do some students tend to cheat in exams?

March 17, 2009 2:14am CST
Well honestly I'm one of that cheaters but not all the time I cheat the time when I did not study my lessons for the exams. Sometimes I feel guilt every time I do it.I was for to do because I do wanna fail.Later on I go to our bed then I ask forgiveness to what I've done.But most of the time I'm trying my best to study every night... Hope you'll gonna be honest responding to it.....
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@highhead (80)
• India
17 Mar 09
now a days children mostly study for their parents not for themselves so they have a pressure to make good results so they look for ways to that and for this they would see previous experiences that will guide their way for cheating techniques
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
17 Mar 09
Although it's never been good to cheat during exams, it's just good of you admitting it. At least, you know your weakness and you can make amends to your lifestyle to make up for such weakness. It's a sign of growth when you acknowledge your weakness and learn from it.