Tip's on how to gain weight, the healthy way

March 17, 2009 7:39am CST
I am 17 years old , my weight 46 Kilograms and my height is around 5'7. What would you call, Underweight. I have been trying to gain some weight but am not able to. Tried Banana shakes and other remedies but just not able to you. So i am turning to you, pass me some tip's please?
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• United States
17 Mar 09
Weight gain isn't always the easiest thing for active people, especially when they are young, like yourself. My husband had the same problem growing up...he was always skinny (but never sick and the doctor told my in-laws not to worry about it) He played in many sports all year long and just burned up all the calories. He was never able to gain much more than a couple pounds a year (except during growth spurts) he was always skinny, even through his twenties. As he became older and slowed down with sports, he put weight on and now in his upper 40s, he's a little over 6 feet tall and weight about 170 pounds. If your metabolism is high and you're very active, it may be quite hard for you to gain weight. Many weight gaining products have whey in them and the reason why they help you gain weight is because the body doesn't break the whey down very easily... and I don't believe that is a good thing. My hubby drank a lot of milk shakes, loaded with bananas and ate lots of rice or pasta, but really nothing did the job of adding weight for very long. Look on the bright side... you may never have to deal with the issue of being over weight when you are older. When I mentioned this to my hubby, he rolled his eyes and said... if that's your body type, trying to force your body to do something it may not be capable of doing is futile... If you don't have illnesses and getting colds/flu all the time, don't worry about it...eat what you want, whenever your hungry and know that your body will do what it needs to to keep you healthy. And that's really all you can ask for. The weight will eventually come, when your body is ready.
• India
17 Mar 09
Thank's, Being skinny has it's perk's but it has more bad sides to it. I don't play sport alot. I mean i have been on a sport break for like six month's still no significant change has come. I will check my weight again today. Thanks again
@bignik (273)
• Italy
17 Mar 09
Hi Anotherworld , i would sugest that if you have a good healthy constitution ,and you have a good muscle structure , this means that you dont need big muscles, but good nerve structure , you are 100 percent okay , as to intaking an overload of calories , this i personally do not reccomend ,but you can try some extra intake of potatoes or whole wheat breads,and maybe reduce the intake of refined foods ,which are very unhealthy, as you say bananas are also very good but i would reduce it to 3 to 5 a week , my dear friend you are still very young and it will take time to put up a bit of muscle, greetings bignik