how does one save environment with out stopping the progress?

March 17, 2009 11:47am CST
environment is should be saved for all practical purposes.i agree.but what is for whom?environment for humans?or man for environment?if we go on saving this and that and everything else we should not eat, we should go around without water, no roof over our heads and all the idiotic so called comforts we have created for start with why did we invent them?why did we improve them?and go on improving them?create new things without understanding what we are destroying for the sake of them?we are messing up the whole set up.can we stop?do we like to save anything?do we like to live without all these amenities?
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• United States
17 Mar 09
The point is compromise. Look into alternate fuels, alternate energy, selective foresting, crop rotation... We can still have our amenities and protect the environment as well. Solar and wind power, for instance. Both are extremely powerful if utilized correctly, and very well could take the place of electricity. Selective foresting allows for lumber and stripping of land for crops without destroying native animal habitats. Crop rotation allows a larger variety of crops on a single piece of land, rather than having multiple pieces of land for each different crop. There are hundreds of ways that we can preserve both the environment and our own way of life.