How would you know that he or she is the one. Please share your stories...

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March 17, 2009 1:47pm CST
Kindly answer these questions. -When or where did you meet that someone? -What is the thing that you will never forget that was done to you by that someone? -What caught your attention and how it happened? -After commenting what do you plan on giving to that person that melted your rock hard feelings?
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19 Mar 09
I knew my hubby was the one after I saw hpow great he was with his animals and family. I thought to myself I want a guy who was that caring in my life. I and he both went through a bad breakup. I had heard about everything he went through and everything he had done for her. I wanted a guy that was like that because a guy like that is rare. We got to talking and our morals and what we wnated were the same. It was bumpy at first but we seemed to fit like a puzzle;-) I gave him my heart and now we are married sharing our lives.