Will the US go to war with Mexican Drug cartels?

Will the US army have to fight the Cartels - Will the US army have to fight the Mexican drug Cartels.
United States
March 17, 2009 5:47pm CST
The Obama administration and the US government will have to make a choice. Legalize drugs in some context or go to war with the Mexican drug cartels. The Mexican drug cartels have built a multibillion dollar industry. They have built an effiencent and capable army and operation to protect it. The have intimidated or even killed off many mayors, police chiefs and citizens who even tried to raise a word in protest. Now the violence from their operation has started venturing into the outskirts of America and is threatening more. Now the Obama administration has a decision. Increase the Border patrol and maybe even bring in the army to battle the cartels. These cartels are very well equiped with the finest of automatic weapons and even tanks and planes. To stop the influence of the cartels will take a major operation from the US army at a time when the US is fighting two wars over seas and battling a crippling economy at home. But the problem may not allow for an uninvested approach if the violence continues to penetrate and grow. One option that has been mentioned is the legalization of marijauna. But of course this has deeper politically and cultural implications. Whatever is decided it certain that this problem will not just go away.
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@noah92 (27)
• United States
23 Mar 09
they should just legalize marijuanna. that would stop alot of the problems cause of all the peoplwe who sell it and do it wouldnt have to hide it anymore
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
17 Mar 09
I personally thing it would be useless as I think the people who run thewse things have connections high up so I think it is really just putting the ordinary person or law keepers life in danger just to make it look good...
• United States
22 Jan 12
True cool but a more stricter policy could contan them in areas and could some of their more devilish practices such as human trafficking