DOGS' LifeSpan.. How long Does your dog Stayed with you?

March 17, 2009 9:23pm CST
Who among you have the longest dog alive? I miss our Pet for a year now, you see today is her death anniversary..hehe.. it is a one year already after she died, she is faithful and loving dog who live with us for thirteen (13) long years.. She created memories which will never be erased. Her name is SURVIVOR and that name is a description of how she had been as a our dog. She was born with three other siblings and after their birth their mother died living the four of them without any help. Several days later heer 3 siblings died living her alone and very helpless but with our help and her own will to live she suvived and that is how she got her name. After several months she suffered from skin disease but then overcame it right away. In her life she suffered Different kind of trials and disease but still continued to live out her name. The most pitying situation I could recall about her is the time when she was 3 years old, she suffered again from some kind of skin disease that really skinned her whole body, I thought she'll die that time because she really looked awful, without furs and soring body she really is horrible but thanked God she was healed when my father applied some kind of herbal oil to her whole body and gradually regained her health. After that she never did suffer again from any skin disease, she live for another ten years and just last March 18,2008 while i'm away from home my father informed me that SURVIVOR had died and is gone forever. WE as a family did miss her company. After her 13 years of company she really is part of our family. For now somebody replaced her in our Family and it is DEBE..also a girl and a happy dog too, she is 1 year old already.. So you my friends How long did you have your dog with you?
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