How many married their Lovedone?

did you married your loved one? - did you marry your lovedone?if not why?i have a girl friend but of different caste and religiion yet we are ready to marry eac other.
March 17, 2009 10:28pm CST
Did you marry your lover or lovedone?so how many married your lovers?i guess most of you married your loved ones and somebody didnn't why?some boys or girls may betray their lovedone's and my request is please don't betray your lovedone and love them heartfully because they are those who can do whatever for you in this beautiful world...i understand some situations may arise suchwy that can't marry their lovedones like different caste religion etc...but WHY?I have a girl friend and we are ready to marry each other even we are of different caste and reliigion....but we need blessings from all of you.....
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