Tips for making an attractive movie

@limlobin (103)
March 18, 2009 1:07am CST
Part 1 I may be an amateur movie maker but I've learned techniques to make the movie look more fun and cool. Once in a while, I'll think of three of these techniques and start a discussion. This is the first. I'll base most of the techniques with windows movie maker. 1. Taking random videos. While taping, its helpful to take random video. For example, take a video of the trees at the setting. These can be added as part of the movie. The cars passing by. And other random places that seems related to your movie. You might not expect it but when you are at the part of putting the pieces of videos together in a movie maker program, you'll find those videos useful. 2. Remix music. If you choose a certain music for the background at certain parts of the movie, its a nice trick to cut the good parts and remix them. There are many programs for remixing but you can still use the movie maker. You can also overlap the sounds and you might find that appealing. 3. Photos. Windows movie maker can make movies through motion pictures. It may be hard but compiling photos or drawings are what some movies are made of. Photoshop is a good way to edit photos. You can also use the photos for just titles or credits. Some movie makers like using photos and pics as part of the movie because its easy and creative,but we don't normally see those in big-time movies. I hope these tips are useful to movie makers. I'll do my best and write more about tricks and techniques with regards to movie making.
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