Do you lose weight after bearing your baby specially??

@lingzi (568)
March 18, 2009 4:10am CST
hi,moms,do you enjoy exercise? do you do any exercises before your baby's coming?how about now,after bearing? and what's effective ?do you worry about your weight now? i never did any exercise before my bearing of baby.when i graduated from college ,i was only 42 kilogram,too thin,too weak. but i had a wrong realisation of exercise that it can make a person become thiner. i was afraid of becoming thinner after some exercises.but now ,ten months after my childbirth, i am 50kilogram , i can not get in my clothing that bought two years ago. it sees that summer is coming, i must lose weight in order to have the weight of 48kilogram. haha,i do rope skipping every night. i wish i can carry my point.bless me.
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