Ghosts Do You Believe????

United States
March 18, 2009 5:52am CST
I believe that there is things out there like what Skully & Moulder said. After my mother died I got really sick with the flu. Before she died when I got sick she always took care of me. So when I was sick in bed I felt & saw my bed sink down beside me. I had a cold compress on my head. I heard my mom tell me Connie you are going to be OK & kissed my forehead & told me she loved me. I told her momma I love you too. For a long time after she died I saw her walking through my daddy's garden. She was pacing the garden like she was angry with my daddy, which my daddy had remarried. She would also come to me in my dreams and talking to me while I sleep, which I believe that is how your loved ones talk to you when they die. When I told my daddy of all the things that happened he told me I was grieving over the lose of my mom, which we were very close to each other. She was my best friend. I believe there is things in the world that has yet to be discovered. Just like the giant squid, people thought they were a myth.
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@1989622 (68)
• China
18 Mar 09
I'm very sorry to hear about that. I think you are so sad that you have your imagination of your dear mother. I dont know what to say , I know your feeling .I lost my grandmother in my fourteens and i also always see her at my dreams ,i always cry for my dear grandmother....She love me so much and she have took care of me for my whole childhood and so many precious memories ...... But I think my grandmother must dont want me to cry or to be so sad for her leave,so dose your mother . they want us well .So when my grandmother left I take more time with my grandfather and my parents . Just think about your father who also loves you so much and give him more love . Best for us all.