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March 18, 2009 7:46am CST
I have a golden labrador, her name is Darla. Since i resigned from my work i had plenty of time taking care of her. And apparently, i only know few things about her because i seldom play with her. One of my discoveries about her: 1. Her front legs is much shorter than her hind legs. 2. She likes to mimic chewing my legs and little finger. 3. I think her "skin" also sheds along with her hair. 4. My other dog doesn't care about her. 5. She likes cushions. There are also bad points about her: 1. She's very playful and i couldn't keep up with her. 2. She's a glutton (eating more than three times a day). 3. She is not in harmony with my other female dog Amalia. 4. They are really in war. Every time they meet its a WORLD WAR of my two dogs.
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@cutiemye (41)
• Philippines
19 Mar 09
my family owns a male yellow labrador named Summer. and labs are so adorable, sweet, intelligent and friendly but very powerful dogs. and they love to play so much.. but to keep them fit, our vet advised us to feed twice a day, morning and late afternoon. labs also loves water and during summer time, we see to it we bathe him everyday to avoid heat stroke which is common to any breed dogs.
• Philippines
26 Mar 09
Right now i do try to bathe her more than twice a week. But for the most time i could only check her fur if she has any ticks or fleas that hide. I also exert effort now to have her trained potty and some simple commands - its hard. She is most of the time resistant.
• United States
18 Mar 09
I have 2 pups....miniature schnauzers. I love them so much. They both think they are humans, LOL!!!! Their names is Scotty & Boomer. They are 2 of the greatest dogs ever to live. They love me so much, they worship me. They are so very jealous of me. If my husband or my grandson hug me or kiss me they get so very upset. Boomer is so possessive of me that sometimes he can be too protective.
• Philippines
26 Mar 09
i agree with you other than my golden lab i also have other dogs (i actually have three). Its true that there are times they are so possessive and jealous. My other female dog is very much jealous with Darla. She gets upset every time she hears me scream Darla. I just play with her for a few minutes to soothe her jealousy.