Classical music lover in MYLOT....

March 18, 2009 11:24am CST
Hello mylot-ers... May i know, whom among you love classical music? Its uncommon for people to listen to classical music because majority usually listening pop, rnb, ballad, or other genre. Mine, my number one favorite genre is classical music. Other genre may be jazz, bossanova, pop, rnb and ballad. But i dont limit myself in those genre, somehow i could find other genre sounds interesting when the music is nice... When you enjoy to listen to it... then it become your favorite one... I love classical music, as much i love my piano. Im also learning violin now, not really good as other people played, because im still a beginner. My favorite composer for piano are beethoven, mozart, chopin, rachmanioff, liszt. My favorite composer for violin are vivaldi, mendelsohn... I really love classical music andnever feel boring with this genre. Its always give me warm breeze...
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@coldmoon (1092)
• France
19 Mar 09
I love classical music, but I like listening to it in a quiet place, so I don't hear it as regularly as pop music.
• Chennai, India
18 Mar 09
I like classical music very much. I prefer listening to it while I'm alone or it's calm around. Unlike other kinds, classical can't be listened on the go, I think. That's why you may not see people listening to it, otherwise there may be good number of people loving classical. They may be listening in their private time.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
18 Mar 09
I like classical music very much. Listening to classical music is my way of relaxation. I listen to the music every evening after I get back home from work. Chopin, Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart are my favorites. I have a collection of classical music. I was once at the Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra in Vienna. Oh, that was so grand splendid , a place for all classical music lovers ! Have a nice day !
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
18 Mar 09
Yeah im a big fan of classical music. I love a bunch of classical songs that I listen to a lot. Even though I dont know the names of the songs or who composed them lol. But my favorite classical song of all time would have to be inquiem I think thats the name of the song probally spelled wrong by mozart its such a great song.