Do you like fish as a pet?

March 18, 2009 11:17pm CST
Taking Care of an Oscar fish Taking care of fish is a great fun for me. I have an Oscar fish. He has been with us for more than three years already. We feed him flakes and sometimes small fishes. This fish recognizes me as an owner. He waggles his body whenever he sees me. And when I talk to him , seemingly he is listening. He is just a small creature but he really makes my day. In taking care of a fish, you must be patient enough in cleaning the aquarium. You must change its water at least once a week. A clean aquarium maintains the well being of a fish. An Oscar fish is a fighting fish, it must not be placed together with other species of fish for it will kill the other fishes. Goldfish must be placed with other goldfishes not with a flower horn or other species of fighting fish. An Oscar fish recognizes its name. My Oscar fish is named "Tisoy". Whenever I call him by this name, he comes near me. I believe am Oscar fish is am intelligent species of fish. It is not very costly to maintain this kind of pet. Its food "flakes" cost only about a quarter dollar and it is good for one week. A baby Oscar fish cost only about two dollars. If you want to maintain a pet and don't have much money to invest for a pet, then try taking care of an Oscar fish. It is such a good pet. How about you do you also like fish as a pet ?
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• Philippines
20 Mar 09
We have been keeping fish as pet for more than 10 year and seeing them swimming together, eating the foods you serve and grows fast is very rewarding. Goldfishes are the first breeds of fish we buy. Then after few months of taking care, we decided to buy another then another until the time that we decided to try arowana. Then the love for arowana begins, my mom first brought Austrailian gold, then after that we bought silver, then African now I'm trying my luck to Malaysian Green other called it Malaysian Gold. Then lastly I bought a flower horn. We believed that taking care of fish as pets gives you good luck.
• Philippines
21 Mar 09
Thanks tenchi18ph for sharing your experiences with your pet fishes. Have a great day and happy MYlotting.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
19 Mar 09
Fish are lovely pets to have, they are so relaxing to watch, I have had an indoor tank and an outdoor pond both of which I loved at the time but my fish kept dying so I evetually gave up but they were lovely to watch...
• Philippines
19 Mar 09
Thanks lilaclady for sharing your experience and participating in this discussion. Have a great day and Happy Mylotting.
@eichs1 (1934)
• Philippines
6 May 09
Yes, fish have intelligence too! As you have proven, they can recognize their name and their owner. This is true, not just for Oscars but for other fish as well. What I like about having fish as a pet aside from those you enumerated - low maintenance and affordable fish - this type of pet needs small amount of food which are very affordable and takes limited space. They also have this calming effect on people. Of course, this fish will never disturb you at all.
• United States
4 Apr 09
I think fish would be less maintenance. You have clean their fish tank. Make sure to feed them but not over feed them. They are simple pets. They are pretty. I like fish. I enjoy many types of fish. I always look at them at the pet store. Fish are less messy. For some people they would be the ideal pet;-)