Hello I am going nutz here, I am trying to get pregnant with no go!

@succed (879)
United States
March 19, 2009 12:18am CST
Anyone is in the same boat with me. My LMP was Feb 23, 09 then ovulated on CD14 (March 7 09). Baby danced is well timed. 8DPO(cycle day 22) had a specks of red spotting only when I wipe along with sharp abdomenal cramp or in the lower pelvic region. Nothing then, until now spotting showed up only when I wiped it iskinda pink watery with no CM at 11dpo/CD25. Do u think I am having implantation or this could be AF is on her way. Temp is 99.2 when I woke up. This cycle i have 4 days of 99s temp. This is not normal to me. The highest temp i ever got is 98.9 most of the time in each cycle. Now this cycle has 4 days of 99s I am excited but at the same time afraid that AF is coming. Can someone share their experience who got PINK WATERY SPOTTING AROUND 11DPO AND TURN OUT PREGNANT? Thanks ladies.
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