do you think convicts have it too easy in prison

@caraj444 (1080)
November 10, 2006 1:40pm CST
im not completely sure about this one and id like to hear peoples opinions. i do know we pay them a salary and while i understand it to prevent them from commiting another crime the minute they walk out of the prison by having to steal food or money it still doesnt quite seem fair that taxpayer money is going towards paying criminals.
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@sbeauty (5870)
• United States
20 Nov 06
From what I've watched on TV, I think that our criminals in prison are treated to way more than they deserve. Why should someone who is convicted of murder get to live the rest of his life without working to pay his own way like other taxpayers are doing? Why do you and I owe it to these people to give them college educations, the freedom to file numerous frivolous lawsuits, the right to 3 meals a day, TV in their cells, etc.? Because of their past deeds, they aren't even part of the tax base any longer but a total burden on society. When I see them on TV demanding "their rights" it makes me sick. Where are MY rights when one of them decides to commit a crime against me? Where are my rights to have my tax dollars spent in more productive ways?
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@caraj444 (1080)
• Canada
20 Nov 06
good points that i wasnt even thinking of like the education they can receive (that ticks me off in particular as i have 3 years of a 4 year degree which i couldnt finish due to financial reasons and here we give the money we do have to criminals to get their education, now i dont expect to be given anything but if they are going to give money away for educational purposes they should be looking in high schools for kids with good grades and low income families instead of giving it to convicted felons) +