Do you believe in black magic?

@atish19 (180)
March 19, 2009 3:12am CST
Many people say that black magic exist. And some perform these rituals. Have you ever experience the effect of black magic? Or have you ever been victim of black magic on any ways? If yes then tell me what problems you got when black magic was done on you and what did you do to get rid of the spell cast on you?
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@delkar (1716)
• Romania
19 Mar 09
well, black magic exists as the white one is. White one it`s with the help of GOd, and you can`t make bad things with that. But the black magic, makes only bad things, and all that you`ll do, it will come again to you. White magic it`s used even for prests to exorcise some demons from people, and some people practice that to help others be healthy. I really belive in that. I know a lot of people that was cured with the white magic.
@atish19 (180)
• Mauritius
19 Mar 09
Have you ever been victim of black magic? Do you think if we do mantra ourself, will it protect us to some extend from black magic?
• United States
19 Mar 09
Black magic does exist. However, I'm more of a follower of the belief that black magic doesn't really work unless you believe it works. When people start believing that they are under some kind of curse or something start making bad things happen to them subconciously. I'm not sure how, but they do it. And, any spell caster would know that casting black magic would mean those spells would return to you 3-fold or more anyway, so many practioners avoid that kind of thing.