is there another lover in your heart besides your current spouse???

@lingzi (568)
March 19, 2009 3:46am CST
many person will fall in love for several times before their marriage. even if they get married, they can not forget someone in their heart. so do i.but he is only in my heart,i don't contact him,and don't ask anything about him. how about you??do you have another person in your heart besides your wife or hubby??
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@ppatole (34)
• India
19 Mar 09
I have the responses of all the above and feel that I should not lie. I should admit that there a love in my heart too for 1, 2 or 3. Oh I donno for how many. But any fair girl has the potential to attract me. Or I feel I fall for someone too far early. That I think happens in this age. Otherwise I feel I am ok.
@srganesh (6349)
• India
19 Mar 09
Yes!Most people would have faced this.Almost everybody would had puppy love or calf love in their early teens and it can't be forgotten.I am not an exception in this case.And it is not a major fault that would ruin our married life.Cheers!
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
19 Mar 09
i guess that could happen to a lot of people. as long as you're not cheating and still playing by the rules, i don't think there's anything wrong with loving someone else (in the heart), after all there are different kinds of love and it's always good to love as long as no one else is being harmed or hurt. and love multiplies and never divides. as for those who cheat, well they probably have reasons why they cheat in their marriage...and on this one, i think even if the reason is right, valid, and perfect, it's still (morally) wrong to commit adultery.