How can we protect ourselves from the Economic Crisis?

@kimutaku (145)
March 19, 2009 8:15am CST
As you all of you have certainly noticed the world has been shaken by a huge financial crisis. This crisis originated in the US but it has already started to effect markets through out the world. how can we reduce the loss ?Do you have any plans?
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@delkar (1716)
• Romania
19 Mar 09
First of all, we all should spent less on everything and try to reduce our consum at power, gas, etc. We all should spend our money on our national products only, because in that way, we`ll keep some good working people on their jobs. That will make them to buy things that will help us to mentain out jobs, and so on. If you`ll buy from another country , you just help them to pass on easier. Think about that.
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@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
19 Mar 09
Oh man, I could understand someone asking me that on the street but not online. Look around you there are unlimited avenues to earnings. People still will spend money and manage to get the things they want the most. You just have to be the one to supply them with what ever it is that they want. My plan is to keep on promoting various things online through my blog network. You don't have to make much per site for it to start adding up. Example: I have about 20 sites that only make $10 - $20 a month but it adds up and over time these sites grow into bigger sites and the money increases but I don't wait for that. I keep creating new blogs, some on the same subject that I have other blogs talking about but I change it up a little on the focus so the site is not exactly the same as my other sites. I started with a garden blog and it started to earn a little so I started a second one. Well that one took me half the time to get it to earn the same amount so I started a third gardening site. I did the same with my fishing hobby. I started with one and it took about 3 months to start earning but then I started a second, then a third and now I have 6 fishing blogs that earn a little each. I have them all on one hosting account, but my account has 5 IP addresses so it doesn't show up as all from the same address. But the main point is that I only have to pay one hosting amount but I have 20 blogs there all helping each other with linking. BTW: all my blogs don't earn. After three months if I am not getting enough traffic I usually just drop the site and don't even bother monetizing it. I just move on. So my plan is to keep on doing this and every month my sites earn a little more and I start a couple of blogs a month. NOTE: It was Mylot earnings that I used to start my blog network over a year ago now, maybe even two years by now. It's great and the economy doesn't really effect it because it has always been focused on getting free traffic from the search engines.
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