What are the Paid to Promote sites accepted by Easyhits4u?

March 19, 2009 9:21am CST
I am a member of Easyhits4u and have over 1100 credits in my account. I plan to spend them on advertising Paid to Promote(PTP) links. However, Easyhits4u is very strict; it doesn't allow ADVpoints, rentamails(Beenpaid certificate)and even donkeymails! Anyone know one PTP sites that are accepted?(preferably with low or no min payout and $0.75+ CPM) Otherwise, anyone know of any Traffic Exchanges that accept PTP links, preferably with a 1:1 ratio for free members and geo-targeting?
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• Chennai, India
19 Mar 09
You may try Bangthelinks' all traffic PTP link. 10 cents per 1000 credits and no tiers. I don't think EasyHits will accept any other PTP. I'm not sure even this BTL link would be accepted.
• Chennai, India
19 Mar 09
Forgot to add, ShareAdSpace is the best TE in my experience which accepts PTP. (2:1 ratio) HogsHollow is another one accepting PTP (2:1 again) (It pays 25 cents per 1000. Payout $7.5) Shareadspace is the one that delivers quick hits. Hogshollow's delivery is slow. Shareadspace has three surfers - ToNT surf, Traditional surf, PTP surf. Of these 3, you can use PTP surf in one tab and one of the other 2 in another tab, to earn quick credits. Wonderful site.
• Singapore
20 Mar 09
Could you elaborate on the type of Geo-targeting they have? Like do they have an option for you to choose which countries you want to show your website to.