Thoughts of finally quitting because of the high cost of cigarettes

United States
March 19, 2009 6:16pm CST
Puff stores (that's where I get my smokes) recently raised the price of cigarettes for almost a dollar. I am aware this is for tax reasons but it made me realize I will be spending a bit too much for my habit. I jokingly call it an "addiction" because I find it difficult to quit. But it seems I may not be able to afford my habit anymore. I tried to minimize the number of sticks I light up everyday but with the additional price lately, it's just like buying another extra pack every week. I am considering to quit cold turkey (this is hard...I tried it several times)and save the money I am supposed to spend for smokes as an incentive. Will you consider quitting now? Will you still smoke despite the very high cost of cigarettes?
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20 Mar 09
Wow...You guys have to pay a dollar for one pack???Over here we get a pack for as low as Rs.20.Thats only about 40 cents.