Which One Do You Enjoy More? PTC or PTR?

@dik_an (475)
March 19, 2009 10:27pm CST
Hello there! these few days I enjoy mylotting. I became a member of mylot two months ago. I start mylotting and think that it will be hard to gain lot's of pennys. But, now, I know that mylotting is very enjoyful for me. I can share my knowledge and experience here. I also have a lot of friends around the world. I like discussion and reply to it. Of course I enjoy more to start discussion rather that to respond. I think, I like PTR (pay to respond) more than PTC(pay to click) . Because, here I can meet friends and people. I also can improve my English. The other side, I join lots of PTC sites and click the ads almost twice a day. Somepeople may enjoy PTC more than PTR because they do not need to think about the comment and what to discuss here. It's depends on the personal. How about you, Which one do you enjoy more? PTC or PTR?
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