Blood Promise Ideas

United States
March 19, 2009 10:30pm CST
Okay,this is a warning for everyone who has not read all the books in the Vampire Academy series so far.There might be huge mega spoilers ahead if you read on.So don't blame me if I ruin the book. I just got done reading Shadow Kissed and I'm so fumed right now.How could she do that!? So,I'm passing my time waiting for the next book to come out by guessing up ideas for what might happen in the next two. I think Adrian was brought into the story for more then a reason to chase Rose and try to teach Lissa spirit.Also,the main thing of the story is that Lissa brought Rose back from the dead with Spirit and technically Strigoi are dead. So,I think that Lissa or Adrian,most likely Adrian,is going to cure Dimitri of being a Strigoi. I don't know,it's only an estimated guess.I was curious about what ya'll think might happed.
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