do you have laptop?

March 20, 2009 1:19am CST
hi, do you have laptop would you suggest me which company's laptop is the best ?i have to buy one.....would you tell me what feature do like and what don't like in your laptop..
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@katrhina23 (1282)
• United States
21 Mar 09
It depends on how you want to use your it for. if for emails and for downloading stuff only you might need something that has like little memory..I use gateway and have another a toshiba. both are doing great.
@nee_raks (205)
• India
21 Mar 09
No, I dont have a laptop yet But i guess soon, i could have one because... hey listen this is secret .. my Cousin bro will get one .. and i am planning to grab it from him forcefully. Else, i will have to steal the IBM laptop my sister has.
@marketing07 (6266)
• South Korea
21 Mar 09
i wanted to have one for me..i like samsung
• China
20 Mar 09
Yes,I have a lenovo laptop.And I think my laptop is well,it cost 5000RMB.the screen width is 14#,and cpu is intel core2.I choose the brand lenovo,cause the company have purchased the IBM,so I trust the quality,and the company also was the sponsor of the Beijing Olimpic Games,it a well-known brand all the world.
@Elegant7 (142)
• United States
20 Mar 09
Purchasing a laptop is a matter of what you intend to use it for and what your personal tastes lean towards. I own an HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop which has 4 gigs of ram and about 200GB of hard drive space. If there was one thing that I didn't like, I'd say it was the web cam which seems a bit too dark for my personal tastes. However, overall it was a pretty good deal and it suits my needs.
@maean_19 (4662)
• Philippines
20 Mar 09
Buying or choosing a laptop actually depends on your necessity and personality. As for me, the reason why I own one is because I need it at work and I travel from time to time. I am using MSI MEGABOOK, 12 inches wide and 1.8 kg. I am a lady user, who travels with the laptop. I needed something that has to be light and not wide enough compared to usual 14 in. laptops. It isn't for display which other users of laptop's purpose of getting and having one. There are many factors when buying a laptop. Consider the budget, your need and then the brand. When you have thought of those factors, you are now ready to have one. I love my laptop, I din't regret on buying it. Everyone likes it because it is more close to my personality. There are features that I do not use and it is fine. Someone had said that I should have bought something with built in webcam, but I told him that it is not my main need, besides, I can plug in webcam whenever I want to. Do not act impulsively, check on the specifications of the laptop before buying one. Good thing now, there are famous expensive brands which have counterparts. Do not be brand conscious because an expensive one has a cheaper version with similar quality. Acer is good, same with Dell. Good Luck!