movies have any positive impact on society?i dont think so.

March 20, 2009 3:01am CST
hi friends.personally i cant recall the last time a movie made me do something good for the people around me.there are too many movies but do they help society in any ways? do u want to murder someone and escape without leaving any clues? want to kidnap and demand ransom and yet hoodwink the cops? want to cheat on ur spouse without getting caught? loot a bank at bright daylight and escape from people and cops? want to exploit and use others weakness? there are many more stuffs and u dont need to go and search in the library for these stuffs. just watch 5 movies and they will help u with all the above mentioned things. talk about for an hour in a movie about bad politicians,they dont care but they will note how the speaker dressed and wat brand of cigerette he smokes and follows it. i agree that there r certain good movies but the rest is all about earning money and nothing my country,all u need is 5 songs,3 fight sequence and a small comedy track with some punch lines and that movie will be a box office hit. ok i give up.i havent found anything good for society by these movies. nothing more than entertainment and have to forget what u watched for the last 90 minutes in the next 10 minutes.
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