how to feel one important?

March 20, 2009 6:27am CST
I'm a public school teacher for almost 9 years who takes care 54 pupils in a class. Being a teacher is not an easy profession. or I could say it's a noble profession. Teachers are dealing with different individuals with different unique personality. Sometimes I find my job difficult especially when dealing with pupils who are experiencing family problems, insecurities and behavioral problems. But making friends with them and treating them as your best friends and real children, you could break the hindrance of knowing them deeply. They started to open up to you their hang ups and problems bothering them that usually affects their learning experiences in school. I discovered that most of my pupils are lack of attention. They're always making unexcused behavior in the classroom to let you feel their presence. Some of them involved in troubles and not doing the classroom activities. So hard, right? I could feel the pain inside when talking them heartily. To overcome this problem, I usually start my class every morning with a positive thoughts. I really tried to avoid negative auras and statements to them. Compliments and appreciations are always there to boost their selves to participate and motivate them well to be active in class discussion and most of all, you let them feel their importance.
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