are you willing to die for the one you love? how much will you do for him/her?

@jane9147 (252)
March 20, 2009 8:17am CST
are you one who will catch the bullet that should have hit the person you love? will you donate your heart to the person you love if he needs heart transplant? will you do something you never ever thought of doing even if it means taking away your life? well guys, how much will you do for love?
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@grace24 (1050)
• Philippines
20 Mar 09
I will protect the important people in my life, if there's no other way to save their life, its hard but i can say that i will die for them. I will do anything for them, i will do my best to protect them.
• United States
20 Mar 09
I would gladley take a bullet for someone I cared about. I would die for them. Especially my kids. I would do anything for them. If something happned to them I couldn't live with myself. That sounds bad but no parent should have to go through that type of torture. My kids are my life. I would also do anything to save my husband. I think that is the power of love.
• China
20 Mar 09
I have my dear girlfriend for five months. We love each other so much though we quarrel sometimes. I don't know if I'm willing to die for her but I will try my best or use all I have. My girlfriend once said to me, she didn't wanna live any more if I have an accident. I can have nothing but her and I can do everything for her.
• Australia
20 Mar 09
Without a doubt. To live without her is not to live at all. *sighs*. My life for hers is a small price to pay.