Help!!!!Big problem!!!!!!part 2 (I hope d people who responded will read this)

March 20, 2009 10:33am CST
um...well....I have read all of your respond and Thank for your boost me to say "NO" but I can't easily do that.... one of the respondent is right that I'm only 16 yrs old and it's really not easy for me... cause I'm the one paying the net connection that we have, my parents are paying the electricity bill but they are not living with me at the moment and I can't really have the guts to tell them... the neighbor that I'm talking about is sometimes a helper at our home and a friend of my brother....because he is older than me I don't want to be disrespectful to him....(although I'm totally angry..) my cousin can't warn him cause she said that she doesn't own the pc so it has to be me... and yes...he come in uninvited.. I can't put a password b'coz my brother hate it...and he will scold me everytime.... I need to sleep early b'coz of school so i can't stay infront of the computer for a long time... and even if I stay up till 2 am using it.. he sleeps on our sofa in the living room where the pc is place....waiting for me to finish ofcourse..... we exprienced being robbed about 6 times he said that he will be like the look out or guard....something like that... his also a little close to my sister b'coz of warcraft!!! and I think reporting him to the authority will be a little too much...but I've thought of it when he said he climbed our wall coz the gate of our home is already locked.... calling me wimp...stupid or very goody-goody... I know some of you might even say badwords to me or call me idiot after reading this but I was raise where I'm always not allowed to start a fight or set my patience always at a situation... I also intent that it's really bad of me to set limits to others b'coz i myself limit my own.... I know some will be angry but I still don't have a solution to my problem
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